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In this webpage, we are going to talk to you on the ways how we can protect wildlife in our daily lives! We have used 3 animals as our examples :Sharks, pandas and rhinoceros, for greater understanding. We are also going to talk about an organisation in Singapore which is World Wildlife Fund, on how they are trying to protect wildlife. At the end, we will summarise ways on how you can protect every single wildlife in your daily lives! Enjoy (:

  • According to research, sharks have being around for almost million years ago. Before dinosaurs roamed around the Earth, sharks are like the king of the ocean and hunted throughout the sea.
Why are they being hunted?
  • Sharks are being hunted for their fins to be cooked as shark's fin.

Consequences of them being continuously hunted?
  • Extinction. They are the top predator in the food chain and play an important role in the health of the oceans. Without them, the entire food chain can be affected, negatively impacting the entire ecosystem.

How many sharks are killed annually?
  • 73million

  • Individual: We must play our part and to stop the consumption of shark fin. Say "NO" to Sharks Fin!
  • Parents: They should educate their children about the threat of shark’s extinction and the consequences of the shark’s extinction. They should encourage their child to not eat shark fin. By doing this, we can reduce the number of sharks being eaten and killed.
  • Shark Fin sellers: Stop the sales of shark fin. Instead, replace it with an alternative delicious seafood menu.
  • Companies: Stop ordering and selling shark fins!

Sharks being finned
Finned Silver Tip Shark 03.jpg
Sharks drowned after being finned

Sharks Finning progress


  • The giant panda lives in a few mountain ranges in central China, mainly in Sichuan province, but also in the Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

Why are they being hunted?
  • They are being hunted by humans for their furs because these furs can be used to make soft and comfortable clothing for us, humans to wear.

Consequences of them being continuous hunted?
  • Extinction. Although it's only 500, pandas mature slowly and reproduce at a slower rate.

How many pandas are killed annually?
  • 500 every year.

  • Government: Government should impose higher penalty for hunters who hunt pandas illegally.
  • Individual: Everyone should play a part and do not buy any pandas clothing from any panda traders.

Pandas lives in their habitat
Panda fur coat


  • Rhinoceroses have massive bodies, short legs and one or two horns. In some rhinoceros species the horn is small and not easily visible. Rhinos have poor eyesight, but their sense of smell and hearing are well developed.

Why are they being hunted?
  • They are being hunted for the demand for their horns and are used by some cultural ornamental or medicinal purposes.

Consequences of continuous hunting?
  • Extinction.

How many rhinoceros are killed annually?
  • 700 annually

  • Individual: Everyone should refrain from buying rhinoceros horns from medical shop, especially from those illegal traders.
  • Government: Government should impose heavier penalty to hunters who hunts the rhinoceros illegally.

Collected Rhinoceros Horns
The state of Rhinoceros after being poached

Rhinoceros poaching

World Wildlife Fund in Singapore

  • This organisation is set up to conserve Asia's Pacific biodiversity and are engaging with partners for solutions that can conserve these wildlife, to benefit the people, economy and environment.
  • Some Wildlife this organisation is helping are like tigers, sharks, pandas and forests etc.
  • WWF Singapore aims to raises awareness among youths on sustainable living and conservation issues, including wildlife and habitat conservation, climate change, sustainable seafood and deforestation, how these issues affect them and how they can play a part to protect the environment.

In the whole, what can you do to protect all the wildlife in our daily lives?

  1. Shopping for clothes? Shopping for bags? Remember to reduce the purchase of animal skin products of animals like snake skin, crocodile skin, panda fur and many more. Why? This is because many of the animals are actually slaughtered when the hunters are trying to get the skin to make products. For example: Some of the pandas are actually killed when hunters tried to get their fur!
  2. Only buy what you can eat! Do not purchase excessive food and waste them! For example, if you can only eat 5 plates of chicken, do not go and buy 10 plates of chicken and waste 5 plates of chicken! Because of the wastage, 5 chickens are killed just to be dumped into the dustbin!
  3. Protect plants! Do not waste paper. Wasting paper is like wasting that 5 plates of chicken above! What you can do? Firstly, try to print on both side of the paper. Do not print single-sided. Secondly, reduce the size of the text you are printing. For example: If font size 12 can be easily seen, do not go and use font size 16. Having bigger font size takes up a bigger space and in the end, may waste paper. Lastly, recycle the paper you used and try to buy recycled paper products for printing.

Animal skin products!
Animal skin products!

Do not waste food!!
Do not waste food!!


The 3 R's
The 3 R's