How are pets treated in Singapore and what can we do to protect them?
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Welcome to our wikipage! Throughout this wiki webpage, we will discuss the topic on pets in Singapore and we will focus on how they are treated and how we can protect them. Please enjoy!

Pets in Singapore
Dogs are said to be man's best friend. In Singapore, the dog is a popular choice for a pet. There are over 150 dog breeds to cater to Singaporean's way of life.

Here are Singapore's top 10 dog breeds:
1) Shih Tzu
2) Mixed breed
3) Jack Russell Terrier
4) Maltese
5) Miniature Schnauzer
6) Golden Retrievers
7) Chihuahua
8) Poodle
9) Labrador Retriever

Shih Tzu

How are pets treated in Singapore?
In Singapore, almost everyone can afford to buy a pet as a companion. Responsible Singaporeans are able to take care of their pets successfully, while some irresponsible ones will end up making their pets abandoned or abused. However, because most Singaporeans have a busy and hectic life, they will not have enough time to spend on their pets. After some time, these pets get neglected and abandoned and eventually abused in the streets.

What are some ways in which pets are mistreated in Singapore?
Dogs, cats and bunnies make adorable companions, but they require a lot of time and effort to take care of. However, irresponsible owners did not take this seriously because they have no time to look after their pets. Hence, these pets get mistreated eventually. Some of these pets were even abandoned on the street to fend for themselves.
Over the past few years, the number of animals being abused in Singapore has been rising gradually. 123456.jpg

While some people abuse animals purposely, there are others who do it unknowingly. But, even then its still considered as a form of abuse!
There are mainly five reasons why people abuse animals.
They are :
1)a way to relief stress, relax
2)regarded as fun
3)social influence, by friends and family
4)mentally unstable
5)unaware of the law and order

Some cases of animal abuse in Singapore are:
- Puppy mills
- Stray cats
- Abandoned rabbits after the Year of the Rabbit.

The 'puppy mills' of Singapore
n120202544660474_6458.jpg Thousands of dogs spend their entire lives being 'puppy machines' at puppy factories in Singapore. These puppy factories are run by dog breeders whose sole purpose is to make a living from the dogs they breed, most times neglecting the basic needs of the animals. Crammed into tiny squalid cages, their coats filthy and the floors filled with their faeces, these dogs are not given basic veterinary care or taken out for walks.
These pets should not receive this unfair treatment from the humans just because humans want to earn money. These pets are living things, they do have feelings and have a life after all. Thus, as humans, we should not be greedy and cruel to kill animals because of money. A life is far more precious than money, hence, this type of puppy factories and puppy mills must put to a stop in order for these puppies to live on.

Stray Cats
Many stray cats were often seen loitering around HDB estates and they are the source of complaint from Singaporeans. However, the best solution is not to kill them, that is, culling programme for cats. The right thing is for cat lovers to own the problem, eliminate the nuisance created by irresponsible behaviour, and sterilise the cats to control their population. Culling can be avoided when there are enough cat-lovers to solve this problem. Indeed, number of cats culled have gone down after volunteers took it upon themselves to sterilise stray cats. However, the problem is still not solved fully. There is a need to educate the public on this issue to make Singaporeans realise the need to prevent animal abuse.

Bunnies abandoned as Rabbit Year ends
20110325.181741_rabbit.jpgEarly last year, the HRSS( House Rabbit Society of Singapore), SPCA and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority had sent out a public message urging people not to buy rabbits on impulse, especially because it was the Year of the Rabbit. It appears that the appeal has gone unheeded. Many Singaporeans went ahead buying rabbits without hesitation and no intentional of taking care of them. After that year, the number of rabbits abandoned gradually increases because people had the misconception that rabbits cannot be toilet-trained and must be caged constantly. Singaporeans should be more responsible in what they are doing.

How do we protect these animals?
It is not a right thing to do to for humans to abuse animals. We should take good care of them and not neglect them. Cruelty to animals is a crime. Help the animals and express your disapproval. Animal abuse is not just socially unacceptable, it also reflects a lack of respect for life itself.

To protect these pets, actions must be taken either individually or as a group.

As an individual:

1.Never confront or shame people who is mistreating pets right in front of them. You may suppress the problem at that moment but you might also find the person lashing out at you in return and they will not be inclined to reevaluate their behavior toward their pets.

external image cartoon_black_and_white_police_car_with_star_on_door_and_flashing_red_lights_0515-1005-3104-3439_SMU.jpg
2.If you ever observe an act of animal abuse, whether deliberate or unintentional, don't just walk away. Call the police or the SPCA and they will sent an investigator to investigate.

3.If stray pets are being mistreated, put them in a shelter to prevent any more abuses or bring them to a veterinarian if they need immediate veterinary or other care that you cannot provide.
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4. Donate to animal shelters such as the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The SPCA protect and take care of mistreated animals but all these cannot be done without funds for animal food, water etc. Encourage your friends and family to donate as well as every contribution makes a big difference to those animals.

As a group:

1. Form a group to patrol around your neighborhood to look out for pets abusers and stop them from mistreating the animals.

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2. Form a group and raise funds for the SPCA. Some ways to raise funds are organizing activities and games, selling SPCA merchandise, creating a donation box to collect loose change in class or organizing a pet food donation drive.

3. Design flyers to increase awareness about the mistreated pets and how one can help to protect them.

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4. Embark on a community service project and organize programmes for primary schools with the objective of creating awareness of animal abuse and responsible pet ownership.

What are some factors we must consider before getting a pet?
1. Time for a Pet
Many pets like puppies and kittens are so cute that many people can’t resist bringing them home. However, pet owners did not realise how great the responsibility they have to take, and one of them is time. Common pets like cats and dogs require some time for owners to take care of them. For example, dogs require owners to interact and play with them and clean them. People who are thinking of getting a pet should set thier time management before having them.

2. Cost of Pet care
Some pets like dogs, cats and birds may have a required health cost to handle when they are sick. Thus, pet-owners need to know about how much the veterinary cost will be and decide if he or she is able to afford it. Pet owners must be willing to pay for their pet's health cost and not abandon them after finding out health cost is too expensive.

3. Allergies
Do note the allergies of you and your family. If they have allergies, certain pets is not suitable for them at home. Before buying a pet, consider this factor and research on it before you buy the pet.

4. Training required for a pet
Pet-owners have to consider this factor before getting a pet. Some pets, like dogs, require training while some does not require as they stay in cages. Pet-owners have to ensure that their pets receive proper training and education. Many dogs have been abandoned because of ignorant owners who failed to properly train their dogs.

5. Prepare For Lifelong Commitment
Pet ownership should never be on impulse. It is not fair to the animals especially if they end up getting abandoned or abused. Do adequate research on what is required in order to be a successful pet owner and prepare for a lifelong commitment to the pet.

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